iTEC Solutions, Inc.

Helping our clients with envision, plan, and deploy information technology.

How many IT projects are you facing? Whether you're just beginning the prioritization and planning process, knee-deep in a project that's not meeting expectations, or somewhere in between, we can help. Consider the breadth of our consulting services:

sep_bulletPlanning and design
sep_bulletHelp Desk Services


Whether you're looking for confirmation of your current IT direction or you want an independent and insightful new perspective, iTEC Solutions, Inc. is the right call to make. We can:

sep_bullet_1Quickly assess your current environment in relation to your overall business goals and strategies.
sep_bullet_1Analyze your current and future IT spending and help you prioritize projects according to speed to ROI and overall impact on your organization.
sep_bullet_1Establish a realistic and attainable vision for tomorrow's IT environment.
sep_bullet_1Advise you on options for integrating your current technology with emerging option.

Planning and design:

Let us help you develop a detailed roadmap for realizing your IT vision, including:

sep_bullet_1Blueprint for achieving the future state while minimizing disruption to the organization and leveraging your budgets to their fullest.
sep_bullet_1Detailed implementation project plans that specify resources, budgets, schedules, potential barriers and contingency plans.
sep_bullet_1Project team definition and identification of team members.
sep_bullet_1Change management requirements and resources, including detailed communications and training plans.


Do you have all of the front-line resources necessary to implement the solution, and require only project management and change management support? Or do you need more substantial support in terms of project team members who are to be involved day-to-day in every facet of the program? Either way, we can help with:

sep_bullet_1A proven project management approach that is scalable from a single location to a global implementation.
sep_bullet_1Comprehensive implementation methodologies that are flexible enough to include other third-party providers while maintaining the discipline and control you need to keep things on track.
sep_bullet_1Change management specialists who can assist you with gaining executive buy-in.

Help Desk Services:

iTEC Solutions offers complete Help Desk Services that range from traditional support to full call ownership and escalation. We can customize your Help Desk Services to specific applications, hours of operation, and response levels -- matching your requirements with an optimal support structure.

sep_bullet_1"Single Point of Contact" for End Users -- users make one call for fast, accurate assistance.
sep_bullet_1Full call ownership -- each call is carried through to resolution, no matter who ultimately resolves the issue.
sep_bullet_1Dedicated customer advocate -- we offer dedicated account leaders to service your needs.
sep_bullet_1Customized hours -- we're here when you need us.


Want to remove the distractions of new implementations from your current the IT organization, so they can focus on their core competencies? Consider outsourcing all or part of your requirements to iTEC Solutions, Inc. We can:

sep_bullet_1Provide the short term technical resources required IT implementations.
sep_bullet_1Arrange to take complete responsibility for partial or all aspects of your IT operations under a total, turnkey outsourcing agreement.